Friday, July 15, 2011


I am a weak man.

I could be spending this hour trying desperately to counter centuries of a land-locked genetic heritage by bolstering my paltry knowledge of how one tacks with the wind in a catarman--and instead I am inside scratching my head at the unfamiliar layout of a Mexican keyboard. Ah well...this afternoon I will be learning the hard way.

Thanks to all who left entries for the two contests. The nautical one seems to be drumming up some wonderful entries to date. A few interesting related posts have appeared on other people´s blogs make sure to check them out here and here.

On deadlines, the dropdead deadline for the nautical contest is tomorrow at 21:00 Central U.S. time (the same down here in Mexico). Message to the collective braintrust out there: send more ideas!


  1. What are you doing online????? Bad, Cake. Bad, Cake.

  2. Yep, get back to relaxing. Unless you think blogging is fun of course...

    I'll have mine up and linked in a few hours I hope.

  3. For the record, I never relax. I just get less busy.

    Whisk, eating like a king down here. Cochinita Pibil is to die several deaths for.

  4. Cake: I had to Google the dish, still don't know a whole lot about meat dishes, but I'm glad it was yummy. And remember ... if you take any picture of pastries ... please do remember to open the lid of the box, first.


    Take that, Cakeman.

  5. Aw heck - I want to play in the ship contest too - just my brain isn't working this late at night. Well - maybe something will pop out before the deadline. Must sleeeep. :)

    Have fun.

    - Ark