Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Your Petal Throne Game On

It's a simple truth--yet one that seems to get lost in the mix of our collective blah, blah, blah--but actually playing a game beats the pants off talking about one nine times out of ten.

I have been throwing up a lot of blah, blah, blah in the last week about Barker's Tékumel collection, so I felt like I should direct readers' attention to two attempts to help kick-off play in that weird and wonderful world.

Over on the OD&D boards, Victor Raymond is laying out an excellent multi-post thread of guidelines and resources for starting an old school Empire of the Petal Throne game "straight out of the box" and with a minimum of canon. Check it out here for inspiration. 

Jeff Berry also has a good list of free online resources for starting up a game here on his blog.

On my own end, I am planning on getting some game on in two areas in the next month:
  1. Running an EPT underworld game session at the South Texas Mini-Con August 20. I will be using Amanda Talzheimer's excellent, free paper minis for the session, maybe mixed with some painted lead if I can properly motivate.

  2. Trying to help kickstart an effort to get a video-conferenced online game (hopefully one that we can press gang a more knowledgeable person into GMing, ahem) on Google Plus. If interested look me up there, I am hiding in plain sight under my real name.


  1. If you ever get a google+ game going let me know. :) I am dying to play some EoPT.

  2. Well looks like we are on for a Google Plus game either tomorrow or Thursday at 7pm CST. We have four players already, but I'd entertain having another.

  3. Just submitted a character via email. :)

  4. I would love to join and have enjoyed Tekumel for decades!

    yetisamurai at gmail dot com

  5. That's 2am for me. :( If you're still going strong in a couple of months, I'd love to play.

  6. Nothing like some EPT at the ass crack of pre-dawn.

  7. I hope there is still room at the table for one more. Purchased snacks and drinks just in case.

  8. @Anathematician
    We're running a second party through next week or the week following if you are game.

  9. Argh. I love the setting, but don't own a microphone headset (could maybe be remedied in time) or have the rules (no way this is going to be solved before. It seems that I'm just not destined to play in this anytime soon. I'll try to be content with Zalchis (Not terribly hard, as it's a good setting).