Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Missing EPT Underworld Chart

Yesterday, I mentioned that I had used Mark Pettigrew's handy Empire of the Petal Throne underworld generator in designing half of my own Jakallan underworld. Mike D, one of the brave souls that played in last week's Google Plus game, reminded me that a vital table was missing from the article--the critical one apportioning the types of room complexes you can find on each level of an underworld on Tekumel.

Since the table is a bit hard to find, I am including both a link to the PDFerrata  file at House of Tita (where you can pick up an affordable reproduction of the Best of the Journals) here and a jpg reproduction that Planet Algol ran below. Useful stuff.


  1. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks. :)

  2. Thanks for all the cool stuff on your blog, man. I joined in on the ACKS kickstarter and am loving the rules. Very much looking forward to your project!

    I'm Thinking of running a google+ campaign this fall with ACKS or some other OSR game. Do you run your online sessions with Fantasygrounds or any of those other virtual tabletop programs, or does it work ok to just have everybody roll dice, describe actions, etc?

  3. @Mike
    I am not sure I am either, but you are welcome all the same. Ha.

    Glad to hear that you are backing ACKS--definitely stick around for the release of Borderlands before the end of the summer. We're still on the lookout for beta testers.

    And definitely keep me in the know if you get your Google campaign off the ground.