Thursday, August 11, 2011

Revving Up a Petal Throne Mini-Boom on Google Plus

My cup seems to runneth over right now when it comes to that previously rarely-scratched gaming itch, Tekumel.

In fact in about a week’s time, thanks to the recent small wave of video-conferencing games on Google-Plus, I went from 0 to 60 in Petal Throne gaming.  (More accurately it was more like 15 to 60 if you throw in my limited activity in Humanspace Empires, the Shen expedition in the Domain Game’s Nowhere, and the scratching here on the blog, but why keep stretching metaphors.)

Right now we have a good kind of problem in this regards: too much demand and too little “supply”. When I put out an all-call last week I thought I might scrape together 2-5 players for an evening or two’s fun. I was a pleasantly surprised that within a day that we had nine people sign up, by a week’s time 21.  

My usual more-the-merrier attitude is a bit challenged by Google’s technological—no matter what they claim you can’t accommodate more than four player/cameras at this time without things going bat-shit crazy. And there-in lies the rub, I have two parties already running now in my version of the Jakallan underworld—but that’s only accommodating eight slots. (One of our first party players, Jeremy Duncan, is organizing a third EPT outing of his own too.)

Rather than just turn people away, I’d rather take a stab at upping our “organizing capacity”: recruit more refs. Basically I am looking for 2-4 more people who want to GM EPT sessions in and around the usual Jakalla stomping grounds with the bog standard barbarians off the boat start. (Perhaps eventually we can even start coordinating the various sessions into some free-wheeling open world type action.)

We’re trying to use Victor Raymond’s introduction-by-careful-degrees approach, which I have found myself has dramatically ratcheted down the intimidation level for both players and GMs. If you’ve ever wanted to run your first stab at this setting, here’s your chance with a ready-made swarm of eager newbies.


(In other news, when I get back from SoCal at the end of this week and have time to do them proper justice, two great interviews coming your way here--including an absolute blockbuster with one of our hobby's first pioneers, Rob Kuntz.)


  1. I will throw my hat in to volunteer to run some EPT. I have plenty of mega-dungeon style maps I can use for this project.

    Of course, I still want to play in any game I can get into.

  2. I'm with Mike. You've inspired me. I've spent far too much money in the last week on Noble Knight and DriveThruRPG on EPT stuff. ;)

    I think I'm going to try to play it a bit more to get a better feel, but yeah, I'd eventually like to run a game or two.

  3. Not that I'm made out of free time, but I'd be interested in trying this technology of the Ancients called Google+; my schedule could accommodate something early next week.

    I suspect I could run a group through some of Jakalla's Underworld, given half a chance.

  4. Kudos on more Tekumel gaming!

    I wouldn't mind playing/running some EPT but have to get on Goggle+ first (not a problem really) and look this up n find a suitable time. Can't do video though currently, would prefer text chat IRC style. Just lurking or reading is fine too.

    Definitely agree on an ease into approach, though I used it with an all members of the same clan starting in a minor clanhouse route. Whatever works for your game is cool.

    More of my thoughts and approach in the comments here
    Ye olde For the Love of Golden Sapphire campaign site is here:

    (much snapping of fingers)

  5. I also prefer text... not just because I don't have a camera and mike anymore. If anyone else is up for it then I wouldn't mind playing.

  6. Kevin and Fabian, should you be so inclined, there is more room in my text-based game, which I am just re-starting on the ODD74 Discussion Board

  7. @Mike and Higgipedia
    So that nicely makes me three of four players in the first group wanting possibly to run games, a nice viral hat trick. I have a feeling from the qualities of both your own blogs that you'd run some mean games. (But don't neglect the beckoning copper doors...)

    Now that'd be an honor. I have a feeling that we may have to have some lot drawing for that session. Just name a night and we'll make it happen. (And save me a seat if it's not one of the two nights I'm running a EPT game).

    @Kevin and Fabian
    If you don't get into Victor's game (which I recommend) we can try and set up a chat session too.

    But it's the video that really makes it, after two years of Skype gaming I can say that this is qualitative step forward--almost feels like face to face tabletop.

  8. I'll try the forum game and see how my schedule (and bandwidth) looks after that. Thanks!

    hrm, hopefully I'll be able to get on with my old account by the weekend. If not, a new one's fine as well. And I see a fellow Golden Sapphire is already on board. Cha!

  9. Cool! Hopefully when there are enough refs, I'll be able to join in as a player. Wish I knew more about Tekumel to run...

  10. Ok, I have decided not to run Tekumel but instead will run my own Ruins & Ronin. Sorry.

  11. I'd give refereeing a go, but need access to Google+ and I'd like to play in a game or two to see how it works, and iron out the inevitable technical difficulties. E-mail me on if you can send me an invite to Google+.