Friday, August 19, 2011

Time for Your Gold Stars

The gauntlet has been thrown and we have entries for the “Build a Better GM” challenge

A quick run-down of who has posted on this so far (look here for future updates):

Dreams in the Lich House, Building a Better GM 

A Dungeon Master's Tale, Gauntlet Thrown I accept your challenge

Dungeon Fantastic, Table Rules 

Lamely, I haven't finished my own, having squandered my writing time this afternoon--and now have a rush of things this evening on the plate. Soon, soon my pretties.


  1. Could your title for that post by Alexis be the practical application of another tip? 'Keep smiling' maybe? For what it's worth, I think a very high proportion of what you touch is gold.

  2. ckutalik, stop making me choke on my own food. That was funny.

    - Ark

  3. I posted up on Bat in the Attic

  4. Managed to get mine written just before hitting the sack last night. Hopefully I managed to make some sense...

  5. I failed, I couldn't do it, However I did try...


  6. This is pretty great, I've learned a few things (and recognized stuff I do, but didn't know I did). I'm glad this challenge came up.

  7. I responded pretty early on, but haven't stopped back by till now (saw Conan, did school schopping for son, and gamed this weekend).