Monday, November 28, 2011

The Down and Dirty on the Conan Pick-up Games

A few details on how the Conan/ZeFRS G+ pickup games are going to work now that I have heard back from people (mostly on G+):

1. The games will be run “whenever”. If I have a window of time and there is critical mass (2-3 players), we play. They will tend to be later at night, past 8 pm Central US (-6 GMT). Insomnia should push that to some late runs at time. There could be a few day windows on the weekend and on some of the days in December and January when I am not working the real job.

I will post a heads up on G+ from anywhere up to a day in advance or at the drop of a hat. So it's all about the spontaneity.

2. The games will be first come, first serve on who answers--with preference to those who have raised their hands all nice and polite like today. I will probably run the same scenario 2-3 times before moving to a second one, so obviously those who played before are bumped off the list for that scenario.

In theory, the scenario—which will be original with some heavy borrowings from REH--will be a self-contained episode that can be “won” in one session.

3. Players can either custom make their own characters beforehand or pick a pre-gen when the game is announced.

All characters are built straight by the book (go here to find the chargen rules and here to pick a fitting nation from Hyboria to be from) . Pre-gens may have a few quirks that give them some unusual features. (That one's for you, Eric.)

4. There will be winners and they will be those who grab the glory. The player that earns the most fame points in a session is the “victor” and may be awarded a small gift (likely a book). Players will receive extra fame points for loot (I will announce what at the end of the game) and for upholding your own personal code.  


  1. Sounds fun! Maybe I can get in on that at some point if I think I can make it through a session with my damn early morning job.

  2. Hey, I think we're in google plus together. What day are you starting this, I might be free 8ish some nights.

  3. @Trey
    That would be great if you can sometime, I will save youa seat at the virtual table.

    Likely starting Wednesday.

  4. Wednesday nights at that time will occasionally work for me. My schedule is truly hellish.

  5. I started drawing up this farm-boy fighter, veered off to research his mother's religion, decided that was awesome and made the farm-boy an animal-trainer; a dog, something else? and then omg look at this magic shit here I think it's gonna have to be mom's a singer-priest of the god of harvest and the seasons and sonny boy (me-avatar) has been sent on a quest to understand why the seasons, they're consistently sucking, yaknowwhatImean?

    I think I love this system.

  6. Oh, sounds interesting!
    Wednesday nights doesnt sound to bad either... I have a Google+ account and added you to my circles. How does "signing up" work?

  7. Re-affirming my great desire to partake :) I like the challenge of picking up a pre-gen and making the most of it, so that's what I'll be doing.