Monday, April 9, 2012

The Ghost (Minotaur) in the Machine

You may have noticed that I have been throttling back on the blogging regimen as of late (if you haven't kudos for having a life). Beyond spring fever, the ongoing migration of my online energy to Google Plus gaming and yakking, and a general case of eye-glazing when it comes to the OSR blogospace, my old workhorse computer was down for the count for roughly a week.

Thanks to some kindly folks I narrowed down some of the problem to the video card. Turns out some of the mischief was due to an inch-tall version of the dreaded ghost minotaur that haunts the Mountain Hall of the Hyperboreans in the HC. Those little pewter swords are murder on the little whirly fans apparently. Thanks a lot you little f*cker.

Problem solved, you can expect a slew of things this week:
1. Reportbacks on week one of the Border War.
2. Campaign news including the utterly strange cargo cult arrival of medieval Catholicism to the HC and yet another arquebus wedding due to a carousing mishap.
3. The publication of the Rough Guide to the Hill Cantons, my first attempt to really write up the campaign as a gazetteer (or at least my quirky rendition of that kind of setting booklet).
4. And whatever random-ass thing my demented and sad muse orders me to do.

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