Thursday, May 30, 2013

By This Axe: Fantasy Battle Rules Released

That's a wrap.

Last week I said that I would be releasing a print and pdf copy of my medieval fantasy battle rules, By This Axe. And lo, thanks to the generous, talented aid of Mike Davison (layout), Jez Gordon (cover work) and Richard G (alternate “art noveau” cover coming out later), here they are.

The print-on-demand copy is available here for $7.99 and the PDF here for $2.50. If you order soon-ish you can use the discount code “MAYBOOKS13” to get a hefty 20 percent discount.

With 100 percent of the profits being folded into my personal contribution to Autism Speaks, that translates into $2 for each print copy and $1.36 for each PDF (ouch, Lulu) going to charity. Yay you.

  • Miniature rules for both small (1 figure: 5 warriors) to mid and large-sized (1:20) battles.
  • Abstract pen-and-paper battle system for running battles of any size quickly with a range of tactical choice.
  • Simple, fun, big “bucket of dice” old school minis combat feel.
  • Compatibility with any kind of basing, no need to rebase.
  • Optional card-based command and control rules.
  • Duel mini-game to simulate the stand-out fights of champions.
  • Abstract, fast sorcery and divine magic system.
  • Conversion rules for old school D&D-like rpgs. Your campaign's PCs and NPCs are easily slottable into both the tabletop and abstract mass battle system.
  • Point system for creating match-ups between armies.
  • Beautiful full-color covers courtesy of long, dead Russian artist, Ivan Bilibin.
Also, the core rules will be followed with a free downloadable supplement that will cover:
  • Tabletop scenarios for one-shot battles.
  • Sieges both on the tabletop and abstractly.
  • Campaign rules.
  • Granular magic system that will work with your favorite classic rules set.
  • Stats for a wider range of fantastical creatures.


  1. One thing I forgot to mention, BTA is licensed under the Creative Commons (Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike) agreement that states: “this license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms.” Which pretty much means “feel free to chop it up and use however you wish if you aren't making a buck off it.”

  2. The link to the pdf version isn't correct Chris.

  3. Cool! I just bought a copy of each and I'm looking forward to seeing it.