Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ruling by the Axe

This just in from the Seers Guild...

By his axe, the Decade King doth rule again on the occupied Kezmaroki island of Jorfyrr.

Mercenary forces retained by the Decade King have routed the army of Lykutaa the Cackling Satrap in a battle this morning on the isle. Veteran mercenary captain Mahk “the Knife” leading a mixed company of knight-exiles, black hobbit infantry, gladiators and cantonal bowmen shocked the Southlands with his surprise landing yesterday. Swiftly leading his forces inland he was met by the quick muster—and sorcerous summonings—of the demi-lich tyrant that usurped power so many long centuries ago.

For two grinding hours the two armies were locked in a see-saw battle. An artist's recreation with cast metal figures follows below.
Satrap phalanx works up a battle frenzy.

Melee in the center.
Knight-exiles lock swords with the giant lizards.
Cantonal bowmen decimated by Cloudkill.
Vexor the Underwhelming vanquished in a duel with Mahk.
And now the rout begins in earnest. A highly perturbed demi-lich tyrant tries vainly to rally his center.


  1. Awesome.

    By This Axe definitely needs a VASSAL module.

  2. Both links actually take to the print version.

  3. You need to post a pic of the Storm Child's intervention in the battle :)

    Thanks for hosting the game. It was fun, and we need to do it again soon--maybe start a By This Axe campaign?

    1. Yeah I have some funny pix of that bit of divine intervention (wiped out my whole right flank).

      A campaign would be awesome! In fact that'd be handy for helping me play-test some campaign rules stuff.