Thursday, May 23, 2013

Buy this Axe

Thanks to the generous helping layout hand of Mike Davison, next week I will finally be releasing into the wild By This Axe, my mercifully short and (hopefully) easily digestible 12-page set of rules for running Medieval and Fantasy battles on the tabletop and/or with pen and paper. Yay me.

Breaking with my traditional horror of things commercial I am a-fixing a price tag to both the PDF and the print-on-demand booklet. Both will still be priced down in the budget range ($2.50 for the PDF and $8 for the booklet) and 100-percent of the proceeds will be shoehorned into a large donation to Autism Speaks, so rest assured that your soul will be pure as you plot the senseless slaughter of countless imagined hordes.

The quick and dirty on what you can expect feature-wise packed into those 12 pages:
  • Miniature rules for small to mid-sized battles.
  • Abstract battle system for running battles of any size quickly with a range of tactical choice.
  • Simple, fun, big “bucket of dice” old school minis combat feel.
  • Compatibility with any kind of basing, no need to rebase.
  • Optional card-based command and control rules.
  • Duelling mini-game to simulate the stand-out fights of champions.
  • Abstract, fast sorcery and divine magic system.
  • Conversion rules for old school D&D-like rpgs. Your campaign's PCs and NPCs are easily slottable into both the tabletop and abstract mass battle system.
  • Point system for creating match-ups between armies.
  • Beautiful full-color covers (front pictured above) courtesy of long, dead Russian artist, Ivan Bilibin.
The core rules will be followed with a free downloadable supplement that will cover:
  • Tabletop scenarios for one-shot battles.
  • Sieges both on the tabletop and abstractly.
  • Campaign rules.
  • Granular magic system that will work with your favorite classic rules set.
  • Stats for a wider range of fantastical creatures.


  1. Sounds super. I think I'll pick this bad boy up.

  2. Great to see this is getting released! :)

  3. can I buy a copy at NTxRPGcon in 2 weeks?

    1. Sadly I will not be there this year. Though I will be having fun in the sun and surf.

  4. Can't wait for its release! Woot!

  5. And in the immortal words of Sam Gus: TWO axes!

  6. Congrats on the release! So when are you gonna run a game?

  7. I'll be there! (I'm also off work on Monday, if you want to get some gaming in.)