Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dogday and the Traveller Coupbox Endgame

The shit (finally) came down in the Traveller Coupbox last night on Google Plus. "Dogday" commenced at the stroke of midnight of Day 77 with the coded “Supper Time” and “Snasauges” messages of Radio Free Kanine's Three Dog—the signal for insurrection in the Kral's dogoid shanty towns and the invasion by the player-led soldier-bolo (mercenary cooperative).

To War!
The party's renowned extended-scout ship, the Cacafuego, touched down promptly northwest of Kral City behind the towering range of red rock formations (see map below). 

Two sections of four fire-teams each riding improbably (and hilariously) pepto-bismal-pink and purple-speckled civilian mini-buggies split out of the cargo hold to attack the radio and sensor towers on the outskirts.

The west section lead by The General (James's character) took some ineffectual fire from the tower complex but managed to spectacularly take out the main sensor dish with a RAM grenade launcher as they drove up the switched-backed trail.

The east section (led by Robert's character) encountered no resistance at all after driving around the Robodwarf warrens and factory district. The radio equipment was dispatched and that section drove through scattered fire at intersections in the residential and commercial district until ultimately converging on the platform.

Meanwhile back on the lake the second half of the soldier-bolo attempted landfall. The suicide hovercraft piloted by the obnoxious and drawling Private Hent retreated under missile fire. Fortunately the Cacafuego (with Michael's Toad on the pew-pew laser cannons) swung around and started pummeling the missile batteries from the harbor forts. In a likely expensive turn it sustained two direct missile hits: one smashing a hole in the hull, the other taking out the aft cargo bay airlock and the air-raft (sorry Bodhi).

The south battery was destroyed and Michael went on to destroy armored personnel carriers on the bridge into the Domed City (which is blocked with panicked, hunkered down Kral troops). Part of the southwestern barracks complex was destroyed by laser cannon fire and a 50-ton cutter fleeing the dome was shot down into the lake (unknown who was on the ship).

Zak's section made it through the fields by hovercraft though a machine gun volley decimated one team (all dead). They lit up the single guard at the fusion power plant and captured it.
The players map of Kral City. 
The current situation (now on “pause”):
1. Both buggy brigades have converged on the Plaza where a sizable Kral army unit is bottled up.

2. Zak's section holds the fusion power plant and has shut down power through the city.

3. The Cacafuego is still up and hovering on the west side of the city (unless you want to pull it out, though it can't go into orbit at the moment due to those big gaping holes.)

4. Dogoid insurrectionists hold both shanty towns and are battling the Vibes Committee militias. They have about 40 in each slum with firearms (bolt-action rifles, pistols, grenade launchers) and roughly 600 dogoids with makeshift weapons like lead pipes, spears and kitchen knives.

5. Casualties have been pretty light (so far) for the soldier-bolo. Of the 15 fire-teams, 14 are still in fighting shape.

6. The giant alien-hulk turned barge run by the Polar Autonome Collective is still slowly puttering toward the Kral City. It looks to have sped up slightly after the fighting commenced. 

Still in the hands of the Kralian military or militia:
1. Domed City
2. Main Plaza
3. Vibes Committee HQ
4. the two remaining Harbor Missile Forts
5. Monorail Station
6. Main Refinery
7. Most of the human residential and commercial areas.


  1. This material really deserves a wider audience.

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  3. But what's happening with the Minister of Internal Affairs?

    1. Fortunately for the Admiral he was not on that cutter. Hmm full report coming your way.