Tuesday, June 7, 2011

North Texas Confidential, Judgment Day

Sunday 9:30
I wake up feeling like a human being again. Hail Mary full of grace. But I have managed to oversleep the Empire of the Petal Throne game being run by Steve Coldseason no less.

Arrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh. I am making that noise as I type.

Never, never mix these two things.
Slapping on some pants, I go down to eat more bacon (which literally slides off my plate onto the floor due to my transgression). Wandering around the tables I hear the sound of sobbing. I find that Cyclopean fellar from SoCal moaning forlornly over the no-show hungover players in his own game. Fortunately The Boy and Gamey Dad show up and I slip out without having to fake anymore empathy.

(I am actually sad not to have played in his OD&D, Planetscape, World of Synnibar mash-up game in retrospect).

Sunday 10:00
The rest of Sunday was taken up with serious business--mostly trying to belatedly get in my Tekumel fix with a short, yet intense round of jibber jabber with Victor Rayray, Jeff D and Manda. I thus have nothing more to amusing to say about the rest of that fateful day at the Con. Look forward to some smashing interviews though.

Someone decapitated my Con mini in retaliation.
Sunday 13:10
God tries to kill us for the bacon thing by having an elderly gentleman ram our little Focus off the highway. For good karma, we stop at the Asperger Syndrome Foundation headquarters and make a donation in the name of a gentleman we know from Dragonsfoot.

One hour later I am put in a good mood by my people's comfort food, kolaches, at the famed Czech Stop in West.
One box of Czech Soul Food coming up.

And that, my friends, was the way is was. 


  1. I am making this noise as I type.

    That's great. Another fun read. Only I didn't get to see the actual food in the box.

  2. Sorry I was remiss Whisk in that (I may have one stale one to photograph left). Which is too bad since I essentially posted that photo to placate you.

  3. Ah yes - the Czech Stop is completely friggin awesome. You would weep if you knew what you were missing, Whisk.

    - Ark

  4. I find that Cyclopean fellar from SoCal moaning forlornly over the no-show hungover players in his own game.

    Happily everything worked out for the best in the World of Synnibarr. The Boy was clearly the star player of the entire con, and Timeshadows and friend joined the game shortly after you left, so all was nice!

    Still worth a note to self, however: avoid Sunday AM slots at NTX because many/most players will either be hungover or absent completely.

  5. @Cyclo
    Having just read the description in the program book for "Asteroid Crypts of the Xylboex Star Cult" I knew I should have gone with my gut and just sat down and played.

  6. @ckutalik - Sorry to rub your nose in it, but yeah, you missed out bigger than Whisk did with those kolaches.


    - Ark

  7. That sounds like a top day nonetheless. Definitely a good read.

  8. Hahahaha.

    Well Cake, anytime you want to do a guest cooking post on how not to photograph the food inside the box, you just let me know.

  9. Man, these write-ups make me feel like I missed quite a shindig.

  10. @Whisk
    Ha thanks for the expert advice. I will surely take you up on it. Is step one to not eat everything in the box before deciding to photograph?

    When you finish Weird Adventures I promise to throw you a similar shindig in celebration. Make sure to lock up your valuables.

  11. Cyclo:
    Sorry, should have warned you about that. We've had more Sunday morning games cancelled due to lack of players able to function like reasonably well trained dogs than all other days combined.

    Your art of choosing eerily accurate nicknames is, well, eerily accurate.

  12. The kolaches from West are about the highest level of Awesome one can attain this side of the Outer Planes. Yum!


  13. Sadly, there are *so* many people the Aspie jab could be aimed at. I can think of at least five in the OSR blog community alone, and I'm completely serious about two of them.

  14. @Scott - Then you're probably right.

  15. You overslept the Tekumel game? And to think I slaved over a hot paintbrush for simply hours to paint up those figures, too...

    Never mind the bacon; my second cousin the rabbi says that the Almighty will get you for missing the game. Unless, of course, you looked at the Jakalla Underworld that Dr. Raymond was kind enough to bring to the convention; salvation can be yours, my son, if only you see the light at the end of the tunnel - it's the Tomb Car Juggernaut of Rekhmelish III, actually...

    yours, Chirine :)

  16. @chirine
    My salvation is assured then, Dr. Rayray whipped out the laminated Jakallan Underworld map and my jaw nearly hit the floor. It's one thing imagining such a gigantic map, quite another seeing it firsthand. Just makes me more hungry to see it make the light of public day.