Wednesday, June 8, 2011

South Texas Mini-Con: Y'all Come

Despite the sobriety--and brevity--of my posts on the North Texas RPG Con, I am still basking in the sweet, sweet afterglow of the event. Some of you may have noticed my testing of the waters for a follow-up mini-con like the one in Austin last year, I think we are closing in on making KutaliCon...err...the South Texas Mini-Con a reality.

Let's put the good old reliable 5 w's to work:
Who: 20-30 of Texas' finest ne'er do well old school gamers. If you want to get in on the action either by attending or volunteering email me at kutalik at gmail dot com.

What: a FREE mini-convention for classic-style rpgs and miniatures. Our resident expert on all things pew-pew  (imagine that to be the noise of laser cannons emitting from starships), is likely to run a starship battle royale and I will most likely run a game or two of something Tekumel related or the hip new kid on the block DCC RPG (which according to the incessant groupthink of my blogroll is available here as a free beta download). We will also likely have another session or two of good old DnD (OD&D and AD&D first ed. flavors) depending on who commits to running a game.

Where: tentatively the New Braunfels Convention Center (located between San Antonio and Austin—with a hell of a lazy day tubing river running through).

When: tentatively Saturday August 13, likely starting at 10 am and lasting till half of the conference goers have dropped down due to exhaustion or excessive drinking.

Why: Sweet screamin' Crom, do you need a reason?

Special” Guests: Jason Braun, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Henry Rollins, Rebecca Black, and perhaps a former TSR staffer or two.

Come help bring these fellars to the banks of the Guadelupe River.


  1. His German tour was booked up. Sorry.

  2. I can do my Rollins impersonation.

  3. Brad,
    Why do I think you'd be the best person to pull this off?

  4. The reports are incredible. Any video?

  5. I might be able to make this, but I'd put it at low probability. Lots of things go on in summer with the kids, band practice and such.

  6. Actually, I'd like to run an AD&D game. Attack rolls are successful if you punch me and I wince. Same goes the other way.

  7. @Good Finch
    If you can make it, we'd love to be your happy host.

    Hill Cantons prediction: session ends with a TPK.

  8. I'll be there. The Convention Center is actually stumbling distance from my hilltop troll cave. Sweet, sweet candy.

  9. @Jaybird
    Cool then the "where is the after party?" question is settled then. People may also need a place for first aid after Brad's session.

  10. Best of luck in getting the convention rolling and all the million things that can go wrong sorted out. I have mixed feelings about having shuttered the Ides of March convention in Chicago from the years I ran it. It was an incredible time... and it almost killed me.

  11. What part of insane, over-ambitious plan do you not like?

  12. I am in
    New Braunfields is a two hour drive for me . . .

  13. I dont see any notes about dividing up territory on a giant sized map and running a domain game on it. WTF?

    I come here expecting big ideas. Ideas the size of Hills. Nay, Cantons! And what do I get? Nothing but champagne dreams and caviar wishes!


  14. Instead you just get tall tales, what can you expect from a Texan.

  15. I prefer to think that I am all sizzle and no steak thank you very much.

  16. The after party AND the pre-soak.

  17. I prefer to think that I am all sizzle and no steak thank you very much.

    You crack me up, Cake.

    That said, I disagree. I think you're the sizzle and the steak, thank you very much.

  18. Dear Sirs:

    I would like to complain that the illustration accompanying this post, entitled "tekumel+sutherland.png", is not a Dave Sutherland drawing but is in fact a Dave Trampier drawing. This is immediately obvious if one takes but a moment to examine the quite large "DATRAMPIER" signature in the lower right-hand corner of said image. I myself am quite excited about this, because up until this moment I had no idea whatsoever that Mr. Trampier had ever done a single Tekumel drawing. I am, in a word, thrilled to discover my own error in this matter.

    Yours etc., Brigadier Sir Miles Loughton Smithers, Esquire

  19. Nice catch, Jeff, I can't believe I missed the Tramp stamp!

    The source is Legions of the Petal Throne (1977) which is written and mostly illustrated by Sutherland (with no art credits printed), so I just assumed it was all his work.

    Looking through it Tramp has at least one other very nice piece and possibly two other smaller unsigned ones.