Tuesday, June 28, 2011

House of the Axe, The Particulars

I am not a bitter man.

Do I forget in lesser moments the inner grace of stoicism, yes. Do I drink too much, laugh too loud, sure.

For a man who cheats the House of its due learns there is much to clinging to our brief span in the light of the world. And even the short stab of memory of death of comrades becomes a near-forgotten half-stitched wound with the march of time and distance as a new life as a lord in a far land.

Yet, come each thaw, when back home the year-king's broken bones are sewn into the grain fields and the black lottery begins anew, my thoughts and fears run silent and deep back to the youth entering those sealed gates.

My anger and exhortations to all the divine forms from exile likely will mean little to them, but seethe and pray I do all the same...

Last week I threw down the gauntlet for a two-team run for glory—or at the least fear-choked survival—in the cyclopean ruined pile haunted by the Bull-Beneath; this week the details are gelling in my sun-soaked brain.

We now have enough critical mass to run both the Sunday and Wednesday games—possibly even a third or follow-up game if there is enough interest. We still have a couple seats open in each session, so if you want in to go drop me at kutalik at gmail dot com.

We will be using a house-ruled version of Labyrinth Lord to run the game (if you feel compelled to see what house rules in particular you can download the Hill Cantons Compendium in the section on the upper right.)

Character Generation
If you given a solid yes, or even a more tepid maybe, go ahead and roll up one starting character and one back-up character (yeah, yeah I changed my mind) and shoot a character sheet back to me.

You can find the variant guidelines for zero-level characters here. All characters must be human. 

Note that rolls are 3d6 straight down the line though rolls through my background system will give you a few extra dice depending on your station. Please record the details of your background as they will help me in assigning your character one of the unique secrets each of the characters will harbor.

Roll for starting equipment, gifts from your family and friends you are allowed to pack in, as per “normal” in the guidelines. Extra gifts may be assigned at game time.

Cantrips and Orisions
Characters with INT 13 or higheer can start with one cantrip (zero-level Magic-User spell) OR with WIS 13 or higher start with one orison (zero-level Cleric spell). Only one such type of spell can be chosen. Either type of spell can be cast while wearing armor.

Players have the option of using the relevant BFRPG supplement—or homebrewing a spell of appropriate power (dependent, of course, on my approval or amendment).

I mentioned that there would be prizes for those emerge victory in hand out of the Underworld. Beyond the heaping of in-game kudos, I am still mulling giveaways material and a off the wall. Stay tuned for that. 


  1. Holy shit! How did I miss the initial post about this? I'd totally be down for the Sunday session should there be room!

  2. What is the starting time scheduled for Sunday & Wednesday? And how many sessions do you think it will run?

  3. Durn it, a bit too much of the summer sun for me, that should be Saturday not Sunday.

    We will likely run it at around 7 or 8 pm Central U.S. Time to accommodate our friends down under (where it will be Sunday morning).

    Both sessions will be stand-alone sessions that run 3-5 hours, and there will be a follow up one if their is sufficient interest.

  4. Sorry, just a quick question:

    Do we use the background from the zero level play (which is just birth order and parents job) or the full one from the compendium (with all the strange events etc)?

    I Like the depth of the latter, but can appreciate the simplicity of the former.


  5. Use the background from the abridged zero-level play method. The implied setting of the scenario is a bit more static and more like Classical Antiquity in culture than the full background system implies.

  6. Upon further reflection, I'm not going to be able to play. I assume you've already figured it out, but I should have told you this days ago. My apologies.