Wednesday, June 27, 2012

South Texas Minicon August 18

The North Texas RPG Con is done gone, but it's afterglow burns on. Time again for our coat-tails rpg and miniatures event south down IH-35.

We will be returning again this year to the resort town of New Braunfels (located between Austin and San Antonio) and we are looking at August 18 for the date. The event will be at the Convention Center again see here for more info on the venue. 

The game line up has not been fully determined yet (here's your chance to pitch a game), but you can expect likely another full day of gaming in three slots. People co-organizing and likely running games so far are:

Ed of Two Hour Wargames fame. Last year he ran a wonderful gladiatorial spectacle in 28mm.

The esteemed Desert Scribe of Super Galactic Dreadnaught. He runs mean games of old school spaceship battle royales.

The infamous Brad of Crushing Skulls who ran a scenario last year with us as the characters of the DnD cartoon. (This year if he runs something I promise not to be a jackass and derail his game as a murderhobo).

And yours truly who will likely run a session of some weird old roleplaying game (Holmes Basic, Empire of the Petal Throne or Chivalry & Sorcery) and a big giant fantasy mini battle using my By this Axe I Rule! 

How could you miss that? Registration is free, but it's awfully neighborly to RSVP an invite (email me at kutalik at gmail dot the com). Even more neighborly to give us a contribution on site.  


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    1. I was thinking of trotting out my own Cave of the Unknown complete with Heritage and Ral Partha figures circa 1980. I have a bunch of scrapwood that I may put to use building a more 3D play surface.

  2. As usual, it's time for my annual promise to attend, while not actually taking the time to show up...

  3. Hey Cake. Is this the same con you went to last year and on the ride home, took a picture of food. Only we didn't get to see the actual food you ate, because you only took a picture of the outside of the container?

    Or maybe that's just how I remember it.

    1. Naw that'd be the North Texas bigger cousin. But yes haha I did just tease by showing a box of kolaches rather than them proper.

    2. Kolaches, that's it. I watched a food show about them recently. Showing the box. Such a tease.

      Happy Weekend :-)

  4. I was thinking of running DCC...wonder how that'd work.

  5. Too bad you don't have any Traveller material; you could run that.