Monday, July 2, 2012

FLAILSNAILS, Special Guests and the South Texas Minicon

Longtime readers know how much I dislike excuses about posting. Moving to the new manse, family rollercoaster, the blazing white-hot intensity of the Texas sun blah, blah, blah.

The latest, greatest project (beyond finishing the Roustabout's Guide to the Hill Cantons this week) is organizing the South Texas Minicon on August 18th. The (still free) event is building quickly to the point that we have contemplated adding another room. If you are interested in attending or running a game drop me a line at kutalik at gmail dot com.

Excitingly we will have a number of “special guests” on hand at the Con:
Jeff Dee will be running a Tekumel game with Bethorm, the Pocket Universe hack of that setting.

Talzheimer Mrr--who I have mentioned before for her wonderful and free paper Tekumel miniatures--will be running Cavemaster, the Stone Age rpg

A. Miles Davis, author of the darkly comic rpg Homicidal Transients, will be on hand.

Coming in from Georgia, Mike Davison, of Sword+1 blog (and Ruins and Ronin) fame is likely also gracing with his presence. (By the way I am pleased as punch that Mike is doing the layout for the Guide.)

As far as what I may be running, I am still very much in love with the rollicking chaos of the “open world” FLAILSNAILS experiment. Expect to see some tie-ins to that. I will be attempting to use some new desk-mounted web-cams to make use of virtual players (and observers) in each related event.

Some of the ideas I had (an feel free, mighty peanut gallery, to suggest others):

1. Hill Cantons face-to-face session with players potentially from both the home group and the Google plus group—and any other G+ player who makes it down (and expect at least one surprise virtual guest). I am accumulating and scratch-building some dungeon terrain for the soiree, so expect to see something with some visual flash to it.

2. A miniature battle royale using By This Axe I Rule that will play out a pivotal battle in the borderwar. Though the play-by-post side was more than a bit stalled, expect to see FLAILSNAILS player characters taking a role as sub-commanders in that conflict.  


  1. I'd like to see an epic minis battle. C'mon, put all those figures you bought over the years to good use on the tabletop!