Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Mountebank Class, Take Two

Work on revisions to my variant classes continues apace (new ones coming down the pike too). That scamp the Mountebank has been reworked: carte-blanche illusionist spellcasting is replaced with a set of special abilities. Level advancement has been lowered to reflect the change—and to be more in line with the metrics of the system I posted the other day.

Special thanks for feedback and inspiration to Mack and Brad from the tabletop group and to Jonathan Becker for some cross-fertilization. And big play-testing thanks to the Siggy Tomb Raiders group our ongoing revolving GM Skype group): Scott, Dan, Bill, and of course Brent (aka Guanillo).

Requirements: INT 13, DEX 13, CHR 13
Prime Requisite: CHR
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: None

The mountebank is the consummate con artist of the medieval-fantasy world. By use of smooth talk, sleight of hand, and magical illusion the mountebank stays one step of the law—and earns a decent living in the mean time. Because of their specialized skill set they are often also employed as spies.

As a sub-class of the thief, they are allowed to wear leather armor and use any weapon. They are also allowed to pick pockets, move silently, hide in shadows, listen at doors, and back stab as per a thief of the equivalent level. They can further use disguises as per the assassin class. All saving and combat throws are made on the thief table.

They are also able to use a new skill, sleight-of-hand, at the level they can pick pocket--plus an additional 15 percent. Sleight of hand allows the mountebank to move, switch out, or otherwise manipulate without being noticed a hand-sized object.

They are restricted to only using magic items open to thieves until ninth level at which time they can also begin to use items available to illusionists.

At ninth level, the mountebank attracts a crew of 2d6 grifters, con-men, and other ne'er do wells (1st level mountebanks) as followers.

Mountebanks cannot be lawful or “good” in alignment.

Beginning at first level, a mountebank can use their smooth fast-talking and arcane powers to create semi-magical effects. All abilities are dependent on the character being able to talk in a language understandable to the target.

Mountebank Special Abilities

Level Effect Duration
1 Flim Flam, raises Charisma to 18 1 turn, +1 per level
2 Hustle, lower or raise a price in a commercial transaction by 10-40% Immediate.
3 Charm Person, same as Magic User spell 1d4 hours, +1 per level
4 Hypnotism, same as Illusionist spell 1 round, +1 per level
5 Manufacture Flash Powder, causes blindness, one batch a day with appropriate materials (150gp) Immediate
6 Charm Person twice a day See above
7 Hypnotism twice a day See above
8 Charm Monster, same as Magic User spell 1d4 hours
9 Suggestion, same as Magic User spell 6 turn, +1 per level
10 Implant Emotion, same as Illusionist spell Same as spell

Mountebank Level Progression
Experience Level Hit Dice (1d4)
0 1 1
1,565 2 2
3,125 3 3
4 4
12,501 5 5
6 6
50,001 7 7
100,001 8 8
200,001 9 9
300,001 10 +1 hp only *
400,001 11 +2 hp only *
500001 12 +3 hp only *
600,001 13 +4 hp only *
700,001 14 +5 hp only *
800,001 15 +6 hp only *
900,001 16 +7 hp only *
1,000,001 17 +8 hp only *
1,100,001 18 +9 hp only *
1,200,001 19 +10 hp only *
1,300,001 20 +11 hp only *
*Hit point modifiers from constitution are ignored.

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  1. Are the first 5 abilities useable once per day or endlessly?