Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Starting Equipment Charts

Buying gear for a starting character in old school D&D is often the most time-consuming step. For some players this is a favorite ritual. Should I go for that silver dagger this time or a mining pick and a bag of caltrops? Do I really need that lantern?

For others it's just a pain in the rear. The following random gear charts (revised from a year ago) are geared to the latter--or to the former who are crunched for time.

Note that I have integrated these charts with the chargen charts from the other day for a nice full package. You'll notice that the longer version, for instance, allows extra goodies and rolls dependent on your character's family background. The PDF of this version can be downloaded here.

Chart B: Equipment
Armor (Roll d8)
Cleric, +1 to roll
Fighter +2
Thief, Druid: leather automatically
Magic User, Illusionist, Monk: no roll
1,2,3 Leather armor **
4 Studded leather *
5, 6 Scale mail
7,8,9 Chain mail
10 Splint or banded mail
11 Plate mail
* 1 extra roll on weapon or shield chart
** 2 extra rolls on weapon or shield chart

Basic Game Armor Chart (Rolld6)
1,2 Leather
3,4,5,6 Chain mail

Shield (Roll 1d6 only if extra roll indicated)
1,2,3 Small Shield
4,5,6 Large Shield

Melee Weapon (Roll 1d6)
Clerics, Magic Users, Illusionists hand weapon only
1,2 Hand weapon (dagger, hand axe, short sword, mace, morningstar, staff, spear)
3,4 Medium weapon (long sword, battle axe, rapier, scimitar)
5 Polearm (polearm, pike)
6 Two-handed weapon (two-handed axe, two-handed sword, bastard sword)
7 Quality weapon of choice (+1 damage)

Missile Weapon (Roll 1d6)
Magic Users and Clerics sling only
1 Sling/Darts
2 Thrown (Hand axe, spear, javelin)
3 Light Crossbow
4 Short Bow
5 Heavy Crossbow
6 Long Bow
7 Pick any two
(one free batch of ammo assumed)

Adventure Packs (Pick one)
All packs come with backpack, two small sacks, bedroll, water skin, tinderbox, and one week of iron rations
Pack A (10 oil flasks, lantern, shovel, two caltrops, whistle)
Pack B (10 torches, 10 pieces of chalk/charcoal, blank scroll, mirror, crowbar)
Pack C (five torches, five oil flasks, 60 ft. rope, grappling hook, wooden pole)

Mount (Roll 1d6)
1,2 None
3 Mule
4 Pony
5,6 Light riding horse
7 Light warhorse
(saddles and other riding gear assumed)

Class-based equipment
Fighter, Ranger, Paladin: extra weapon roll, 10 gp starting
Cleric, Druid: holy symbol, 10 gp
Thief: Thieves tools, 5 gp
Magic-User, Illusionist, spellbook, 5 gp
Monk, 2 gp

Extra cash (Roll d6)
1 10 gold pieces
15 gp
20 gp
30 gp
40 gp
7 80 gp


  1. The armour table goes up to 11, but it seems like the highest you could get would be 10 (roll an 8, +2 for being a fighter).

    Likewise the cash table goes up to 7, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get a bonus on the roll.

  2. Dude these amps go up to 11. Seriously the extra entries are meant to work with modifiers from the revised background charts I now have up on the PDF version. A character from a landed gentry background, for instance, would get to add a one to the starting cash chart.
    If folks want to use these tables independently from those it's a simple enough matter of ignoring the ones outside the die roll range--or better making your own campaign-specific ones.