Friday, November 12, 2010

Pulp Fantasy Society Update

Getting back today to that proposal for a pulp fantasy society to spread the good word about public domain works. We've done a small amount of work laying the foundation in the last two weeks.

It looks like the best way to do this organizationally is in a few phases. Here's the rough outline for phase one:
  1. We will incorporate the society first as a non-profit organization in the state of Texas. Relatively cheap and easy to file here (and I'm in walking distance of the Bexar County Courthouse). We will also need to set up a DBA to operate a banking account legally. Luckily we can also do this at the county courthouse. I have all the necessary paperwork ready to go.
  2. Besides the small fee for filing (which I am putting up), we will need at the minimum three officers of our board. I propose that we have a board of 5-7 members for this phase. Big enough to cover people's adult-life schedule unevenness, but small enough not to be too unwieldy.
  3. We have a domain name reserved ( and a volunteer to help set up our website.
  4. We will target producing a small number of books (2-4) in the first six months. We should buy a 10 or higher number block of ISBNs.
  5. We need to recruit volunteer publishers, editors, and artists for each project. (I have professional experience with the first two and some coordinating the latter.)
  6. Big decision to make on whether or not we should use print on demand or print and/or distribute more directly.
So there we are. As always drop me a line off-line if you have interest in participating.

In related news folks should check out Huge Ruined Pile's new forum for discussing literary fantasy matters.  

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  1. Glad you're doing this!

    Jumping in with out knowing history of this project...

    Make PDF's and POD. Print runs are too big risk / expense for org just starting out. Do them later when PFS is success.

    I say PDF's and maybe epub or one of those formats cause (I assume) part of mission is to reach new readers, I got to say there's a huge number of readers who read pixels not paper. Lots of existing distribution channels for electronic delivery you can get in on.