Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Help us Think Up a Name for the Pulp Fantasy Society. Pretty Please

I mentioned earlier that the name for our pulp fantasy project was a bit of a stand-in. 

So what do you call a literary society run by gamers/for gamers that aims to publish and promote mostly public domain pulp-era (and before) fantasy with a healthy doses of sword and planets, cosmic horror, and other speculative fiction? How name ye this beast? Bring out your suggestions!

Also if you are interested in said books and gaming and haven't joined Huge Ruined Pile's new literary forum then get your hindquarter over there promptly.


  1. I think "Pulp Fantasy Society" indicates what's in the tin quite effectively.

  2. I agree with Scott. I see no reason to come up with something more fancy. It would only serve to obscure the purpose.

  3. Some ideas: Lost Empires Society, Wondrous Realms Society, Unearthed Arcana Society, Lost Realms Society, Amazing Stories Society, Retro Stories Society, Vintage Stories Society, Vintage Tales Society. Nostalgic Fantasy Society...

  4. I also agre with a literal name. However if you're set on something more evocative, how about "Yellow Page Press"? Many of the older books in my collection have their page edges tinted red, orange or yellow and seeing a book with tinted edges like that always makes me think of the golden era of SF & fantasy. Also, the connotations of a yellowed page convey that vintage feel to me.

  5. Literal is good, in naming a group like this. The Society can sponsor any number of special imprints on a case-by-case basis without having to get bogged down in that regard. In fact developing a variety of product lines would probably be a good idea. Separate theory/scholarship from operative/gaming texts.

    I've been rummaging about in this area for a while now, so I'm definitely interested in this effort. Our studio is at work on an OSR-compatible Public Domain Bestiary, but we haven't announced it yet, so don't say anything. It's a secret...

  6. Thanks all for casting your straw poll votes. I've heard from four others via email, three for sticking with the literal and one for using some variation (though this last one noted Netherwerks idea of different project names with approval).

  7. @Netherwerks
    Forgot to add that I like the idea too, I definitely want to get us to the point that we are exploring and publishing as many different strands of weird fiction as we have capacity for.

    Your secret is safe with us, we are a discreet crowd. *Ahem* Seriously do share when you are getting ready for launch as your current work is pretty durn cool.

  8. I think

    "Pulp Fantasy Society . . .
    Dedicated to promoting and exploring pre-1923 Science/Fantasy Literature"

    the by line will let the reader know that you are interested in public domain works, not Star Wars or Nehwon for example