Monday, November 8, 2010

The White Wizard, a Second Take on a New Class

I must be in a revisionist mood these days as I find myself going back and retooling a number of my early creations on this blog. 

What follows is the latest, greatest version of my White Wizard class, modeled on the class of the same (and similar conception) from the AD&D Lankhmar supplements. The intention of the class, like that supplement of yore, is to provide GMs with a spell-casting substitute for campaign settings wanting a more cleric-less swords and sorcery feel to them.

I've retooled it to work with most iterations of old school D&D (though those with Druid spells will get more bang for their buck) and to make it a little more interesting (read less lame) in actual game play. 

The full version of the class can be downloaded here complete with experience point and spell level progressions.

In my next post on new classes I will unveil the White Wizards sinister black magic counterpart--a class guaranteed to make some poor sod at your table sell your soul to infernal forces. Bwaaaahaaa.

White Wizard
Requirements: INT 12, WIS 12
Prime Requisite: WIS
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: None

White Wizards are practitioners of a benign, defensive, and naturalistic magic school.

White Wizards are much akin to their magic user cousins. They save as magic users and must keep spell books and memorize spells in the same manner. All saving throws are as a magic user.

White Wizards are only allowed to use simple non-edged weapons such as staffs, slings, and clubs as weapons and are not allowed to wear any armor.

White wizards differ from magic users in that they are allowed to cast spells from the cleric (and druid in advanced games) spell lists and limited spells from the magic user lists (see below). Their magic is arcane in nature and not divine in origin however.

They may use any magic item appropriate to clerics (and druids) or magic user items that do not directly deal damage (a wand of magic missiles or fireballs for instance would be prohibited but a wand of detection would not be)

White Wizards must be good in alignment (or Lawful in a three-alignment system).

Optional rule: Because of their rigorous studies, White Wizards of any level are allowed to create clerical scrolls at a cost of 75 gp times the spell level. The scroll will take one week times the spell level to create. 

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