Sunday, November 7, 2010

Encounter, a Must-Read Zine for Old School D&Ders

Jesse Walker from Down Under has just put out the third issue of his magazine, Encounter. As a contributor to this issue and the last I probably should feel some conflict of interest in pimping it, but I became a contributor in the main because I dug the first issue so much.

For starters, reading Encounter is a nice contrast to the info-glut nature of much OSR material (for sure one of the better kinds of “problems” to have). Layout is nice and crisp and the content nicely edited down to a manageable 28 pages. Regular features give nice run downs and reviews of new and old OSR products—and little blurby quotations of some of the more interesting and/or provocative comments coming out of the blogosphere.

Further each issue has something I want to steal whether it be as straightforward as a mini-dungeon or as quirky as Latin names for magic-user and cleric spells (I mean damn, who wouldn't rather be casting “Calefacere Metallum” over “Heat Metal”?).

And did I mention that each issue is the “right price”: free. All three issues can be downloaded here

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  1. Yep, it is a nice magazine. I have been checking them out since the first one. Very nicely put together, quite professional.