Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hill Cantons Forecast: Keyboards & Bathrobes to be America's Next Top RPG

You heard it first here, folks, but I predict that this hot new game from Doc Grognard will be sweeping the OSR by say 10:20 pm tonight. Hell, I've already played it three times today and never even changed out of my flannel pajamaramas.

On a more serious note, if you haven't already, you should check out Doc G's work on a Fantasy Traveller, a topic near and dear to my own heart.

Non-holiday (i.e. not-so lazy ass) posting to resume tomorrow.


  1. Well, I know what I'm playing after our next session of Ian Livingstone's "Friday in Dundee" RPG (1976).

    OK, I'm also a sucker for anything with "Spawn of Fashan" references? :p


  2. Dear Mister Ckutalik,

    You have, I fear, misinterpreted the theoretical underpinnings of enstantiating the structure of the game (sic) in question insofar as you have clearly failed to incorporate the requirements of section III, vis a vis actually immanentizing the gaming experience in question; such erroneous and misguided behavior can only result in the illusionry and non-self referential Heigelian mental state deconstructively identified by LeConte as badwrongfun AND ARE DOING IT WRONG !!!!!
    Similarly, as the actual enstantiation of the rollplaying metaphor hopelessly collapses the value of the Xperience(sic), and enforces and, indeed makes mandatory, the tyranny of limits, fun and rules, all actual play should also be avoided in all situations. (quote)


  3. @ Doc G.
    Although I find your response highly engendered and ignorant of the race/class/parakeet dynamics that underly society in general, I will immediately cease and desist from my K&B LARP campaign--just as soon as I finish this last post on Dragonsfoot.

    The Dundee campaign sounds smashing, I am highly jealous of a game that must end with something getting deep fried.

    I am embarrassed to admit that for almost three decades I had thought that Spawn was an April Fools joke put out by Dragon Magazine. Who is the real joke on?

  4. > I am embarrassed to admit that for almost three decades I had thought that Spawn was an April Fools joke put out by Dragon Magazine. Who is the real joke on?


    > The Dundee campaign sounds smashing, I am highly jealous of a game that must end with something getting deep fried.

    Amusingly in the context of your Spawn of Fashan comment, Ian's "Friday in Dundee" RPG /was/ ostensibly a two page long "joke"/"spoof" created by a fictional Japanese company.
    IMHO it /is/ noteworthy, however, because the issue of Owl & Weasel that appeared in "Realising that 'role playing' games such as Dungeons and Dragons and En Garde are fast becoming a new trend" was the very next issue after the stated-first usage of "roleplaying game" to describe En Garde! (of all games...) in Owl & Weasel #15.

    Almost as soon as Steve coins the term, Ian undermines(?) it. Nice work! :)

    aside: There is sufficient detail provided in the extract and sample of play provided to actually attempt to play the "RPG" and on the basis that "something does not exist until it is experienced", we did.
    Having also "experienced" the real-life Dundee, I will decline to state whether the game is actually a "fantasy RPG" or not. *jk*

  5. @irbyz
    On another serious note, I was going to ask on your thread on DF if someone knew when the phrase "roleplaying game" first came into play (no pun intended).

    Fascinating that it might have been applied to En Garde first. I played in an online almost fully-automated game for about three months, a strange experience. Down the pike I have some analysis of this game and Heroes, an obscure UK chart-based game from the same period.

  6. Darn... sorry, Chris. The blogging software doesn't tell me when /you/ have posted and I thought "6 messages" was the correct number without further new posts when browsing the summary level.

    re. phrase "roleplaying game" first came into play in our context - you did pick up the DF link to my posts on the Acaeum?
    under "a convenient label first used in the current context in 1976". It's an old assertion by Steve's but still needed to re-check, not least due to that apparent near-synchronicity. Had a browse again through many but not all the potential sources of the term (e.g. O&Ws towards the right of ) and listened for any ripples from earlier usage.
    Not sure what John Cleaveland made of Lew pulling the last part of his article , though and still on the "would love to know what was in there" stack.

    Cool En Garde! experience! :) I've deliberately not tried to track down such online due to time issues! You were still "role playing", though? ;)

    Heroes = obscure? :)
    Good game, that, even without the usually-missing map; which is why I picked up any going cheap to hand out as freebies back in the day - a good dozen or more over time, but fewer left nowadays; e.g.

    Ah... another good post to try to wash clean the subject; cheers! Managing to fit your day job in OK with all this? :)

    Best wishes & Keep up the good work,
    David. :)

    p.s. didn't get a reply on that PM note on , if poss.

  7. David, we should gang press you into writing a regular column, every post is a revelation (or at least something interesting to ponder).

    Thanks for the links, I had no idea that Heroes came with a map. I'm presuming you've actually seen this thing. What does it show?

    I freely admit to sitting on the Boot Hill and competitive play message as I want to post about it.

  8. (good ol' Firefox crash... *starts again*)

    "We"? :p
    At least you're only pushing for a column; you-know-who wants a book. Fair point, I guess, and "someone needs to do that" but there are so many other items on that list; a RPG* museum (/public archive) for example.
    The other problem is that I'd been thinking about that a few days earlier and the obvious title that immediately came to mind was "The Great R'p'G Swindle". And so many times over, too... :/
    Will have to be ghost written by Ben Hodges if that happens, I guess.

    Going to be a bit slow on the posts (slowly pasting together (in GIMP) a visual explanation for one particular set of points just now) but given that the original intention was to ride out the storm and come back to the thread later, I guess "we" are already ahead of schedule.

    Do you own a copy of Heroes?

    re. "Boot Hill"; glad to have gunsmoked you out in the first place (needed to know you were reading and on the same general wavelength!) and thanks for the confirmation that you're "sitting on this". Needed to know as it was one of the key points of the entire thread/game. :)
    (You hooked - did the last three paragraphs on make sense, too?)


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