Sunday, January 2, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Thanks one and all for indulging me in my Lankhmar contest. The winners have been duly chosen, and as I commented before a tough crowd to pick from. Winners were picked from the purely self-absorbed notion of what I will actually use in my campaign this year.

The envelope please...

For Decadent City, the winner is Johnathan Bingham with “Finestra”.

Roll the clip,please:
“Finestra - City of a Thousand Mirrored Gazes. Decadent, corrupt, mesmerizing. Finestra is a city taken with its own beauty and the beauty of its citizenry. Fashion,costumery, haute coture; the city is ablaze with thousands of windows, mirrors, gazing pools and other reflective surfaces so the populace can bask in their own reflected glory.”
Runners up are Higgipedia's Upadok and Trey's Ulthnarn of the Hanging Blade.

For Villain-like NPC, the winner is a two-way tie between Biopunk for “Gallred” and Trey with “Gabrous Swelter, Chief Gaoler, and Toture-Aesthete, of the Pits Below”
“ Galldred the Scabrous, Merchant Prince of the Under Cities is fearsome, and often drunk, blaggard. Afflicted with an as yet incurable itch, he is in control of a vast criminal network of fences, pawns, and stolen property scattered throughout the freeholds. He spends much of his time scheming ways to amass more wealth, in an attempt to find a cure for his itching, and drinking himself into a stupor, in a vain attempt to avoid more scratching. He is also rumored to be one of the Evening Star society’s benefactors.”
Runners up are The Drune's "Smok and Zmag" and Aberrant Hive Mind's "Ortin".
(Note these scalawags will all be making cameos at a tabletop near me.)
For Ancient Object the winner is Biopunk again with “The Wheel of Light and Darkness”.
“The Wheel resembles a 5' diameter disc that appears to many to be an unwieldy and highly ornate, ceremonial shield. It is, in fact, the only known remaining segment of an elaborate siege engine designed to block out the sun and cause cocks to cease crowing and the crops to cease growing. The plans for this device's construction are kept in a vault beneath the Supernal Orthodox Temple of the Puissant Sun Lord, but the last time they were seen by the clergy was over a year ago. This is certainly due to a filing error on the part of an unsupervised adept, and the plans must certainly still be somewhere in the vault...” 
The runner up is Johnathan Bingham with the "Phial of Locution".
Now for the confusing part. Most of our winners seem to have declined the prize—what a gracious crew--so if you made an entry in the contest and want a book, please email me at kutalik at gmail dot the com with your postal address and we will figure out how best to share the wealth. (I have an extra copy of Ill Met In Lankhmar that I may part with also.)
Thanks again for all who participated.


  1. I won! Cool!11!!one! ;). Actually it was a fun creative exercise. Have fun in Finestra!

  2. A well deserved win, it reminded me of the vanity-obsessed inhabitants of Jack Vance's Last Castle.

  3. Nice, a very fun to read contest!

  4. @AHM
    Send me your address and I will send you one of the books you don't have.

  5. Woo-hoo! I'm first loser! I dug this. It's a nice quick exercise in creativity. I'd like to see more of these out there.

  6. Thanks for the opportunity!

    I hope all those book winners enjoy those tales of Lankhmar as much as I do, and that you and your players get some mileage out of my offerings in the Hills this year.

    Oh, and I'm certain that in a one-on-one fight, Gabrous Swelter could easily beat Galldred the Scabrous with his bare hands.

    Not sure I would be the one shaking his hands afterwards tho'...

  7. Here at the HC "first place loser" is a vaunted title.

  8. I liked the 'mirrored city' one alot too. Very cool