Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two More for the Hopper

Two more of our Domain Game players have write-ups of the cultures they are using on their own respective blogs. (Man, we are a blog-heavy crowd, I think we have at least two others with stakes up on their own little piece of the Internet.)

You can find the drunken goblin horde of one of my favorite dungeon geomorph-makers here and the rowdy roughneck barbarians of the Wolf Clan here.

I, for the record, continue to be amazed by the collective imagination of the assembled crew.


  1. I've thought about posting my stuff on my newly acquired blog, but I wasn't sure I should. I thought I should keep some secrets so when people bump into my crew it is all new to them. I'll probably post information on them after the 2nd turn. I'm not sure how income is going to work yet for the game...

  2. Alright, I made a post about my domain.