Sunday, January 23, 2011

Judges Guild Universal: the Full Monty

Today I wanted to go ahead and post the remainder of the JG Universal System so the readers can take a gander and form their own opinions of its potential as the skeleton of a variant D&D.

Emphasis on skeleton as it's clear that while a number of mechanics are hinted at none are actually presented--which, of course, is the perfect opportunity for all us kit-bashers and homebrewers.

(That's a nudge to the rest of you, I am plenty busy with the Domain Game.)

Fortunately for lazy old me it looks like the gnomes over at the Acaeum saved me the bother of typing and formatting. You can download the standard boilerplate presentation here

Interestingly, a second d20 version was put out in recent years by JG that can be found here


  1. Just reading on the ARM (armor) rating according to shield maidens of searune and it is used to find how many points of damage are blocked per round (not per hit).

  2. Any idea if this available in an open sense - like if I wanted to use it stat up things on my blog?