Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whither the Pulp Fantasy Society?

I haven't written much recently about the Pulp Fantasy Society I was pushing for last year. I just wanted to reassure folks that the project hasn't stalled out and vanished. In fact we even some progress to report on:
  • An interim four-person board has been drafted. Further we have a list of 12 other volunteers who have stepped forward to help move work in phase one.

  • The Texas non-profit incorporation papers were filed a week ago here in Bexar County. Barring some lunacy at the state government level—we are talking Texas here—we should get the official green light by February.

  • Target date for work to begin on the first two books mid-June, the small delay giving us time to get our structure up and running—and for me to finish the Domain Game project (which I aim to have in print by May).

  • The kick-off books are likely collections or omnibus public-domain editions of A. Merritt, Edgar R. Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, or other pulp giant.

  • The online domain has been registered.

That's all I have for now. If folks are still interested in participating in any capacity with the project, drop me a line at my email address: kutalik at gmail dot com.  


  1. do you have an attorney?

    I know Ty Beard in Tyler TX is
    a fan of sword and planet.

    try giving him a cold call ; - )

  2. Interesting! I shall look forward to seeing how this progresses.