Friday, February 25, 2011

Artwork and Downloads from Yesterday's Discussion

Suggestions by readers yesterday uncovered some visually stunning pieces, some of which are highly likely to grace the pages of the Domain Game source books.

Thanks to the modern online wonders of the public domain you can check out not only some of the images of some of these works, but download the books that carry them (thanks to The Drune for the tip-off). You can download a scanned copy of the drop-dead gorgeous 1906 edition of Carl Otto Czeschka's Die Nibelungen here on my own download website . Nisbet's Cossack Fairy Tales can be found here on Gutenberg

First stop on our recap tour, more of the Chinese woodcuts I am fond of:

Next over to the chilly northlands with Carl Larsson's Midvinterblot:

The Durer piece that Irbyz pointed too here:

Wilhelm Dittmer's Te Tohunga:

Two of our old school artist/readers, Stephan Poag and Johnathan Bingham, also have interesting spin-off threads about artistic inspiration worth checking out here and here


  1. That Chinese woodcut is wonderful. It looks like something from early Warhammer art (or, obviously, early Warhammer art looks like...).

  2. I do love these works too (obviously).

    Forgot to label the caption. The piece is called "Love for the Mountain" by Dong Jiansheng.

  3. Those Chinese woodcuts are great! They remind me of M.C. Escher's work (which I also love!)