Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Emperor's New Clothes

For an ungodly period of time I have been futzing around behind the scenes with Blogger's new template designer. Hours of good posts--sadly my saved drafts now exceed the total number of actual posts--have taken back seat to this minor obsession. (Domain Game players: don't ask.)

What you see is the Hill Cantons new look as proposed by my favorite tailor. Isn't it marvelous?

Seriously though, all feedback on the new duds is greatly appreciated--especially in regards to improving readability (my main concern).


  1. Initially it took me aback and I wasn't quite sure, but a bit of thought tells me it is actually very attractive, clean and elegant.

    If you're really interested in tweaking, I'd say colours, font and possibly texture are the areas you might look at. In terms of colour, you could bring out some of the orange in the header image by using orange elsewhere in detailing, possibly in the separator line, a background or even text somewhere. For me none of the fonts we have available are especially readable, but this does have the advantage of a cool old world feel. Re texture, you might want somewhere to add in a little of the roughness of the header image. Might. I'm clutching at straws now.

    Am I still welcome here..?

  2. Maybe it my eyes but the font seems a bit small. The graphics though are fine.

  3. @Porky
    You had me at attractive and elegant. Hmm...I see what you mean color-wise. Ok I will experiment with subtle oranginess.

    I was afraid of that very thing. I forget that I have my home Chrome browser set to grandpa-sized zoom. Bumped up the default text a couple more points. Difference?

  4. Didn't have a problem with the previous look, though it was a little generic. This one reads fine and seems a bit more distinctive.

  5. I like it. Easy to read and very crisp. Your tailor has good taste.

  6. Whatever you've changed, it looks much better even than it did on the first visit. I don't remember the orange headings and the font does seem bigger, but maybe I'm just better used to it? At any rate, it's a real beauty, and one of the best-looking of all of ours.