Monday, February 21, 2011

Who Wants to Play a Worldgame? Act Two

Requests to join the action in the Domain Game to my surprise keep coming in. Typically I have been holding seats for newcomers for the second phase of the game come mid-March--when we will likely “fast forward” the various colonizing attempts of Nowhere a few years so that we can test “layer three”  of the proposed source book(s).

My brain, however, may be too restless to just simply stick to that plan (though rest assured the current game will continue on to the next phase) . A number of experimental ideas keeping gnawing at me, wanting to get out. One thing I have been awfully curious about is how “portable” this experience is to the more traditional team-based environment of the tabletop.

Never one to resist just jumping straight into the water, I would like to propose the following scenario for four motivated and any number of part-time/drop-in players:
  1. The four main players will take the roles of Tetrarchs, four co-rulers who guide a small kingdom on another side of the continent of Nowhere from the current action. This realm will have preceded the current players' expeditions by about 10 years and will be clued into a layer deeper of the world's mysteries (which of course unlocks even more mysteries).

  2. Part-time/drop-in players will play the parts of important characters a few rungs lower in the hierarchy. These characters will be controlled by myself as NPCs when the player is absent.

  3. The central arena of play will be a monthly Skype-based session—though any player can have machinations moderated by email in between. The Skype sessions will likely be either Saturdays or Sundays at 6:00 pm Central US time (that's -6 GMT to everyone else).

  4. I will be setting up a yahoo group for the Domain Game. This will be open to ANYONE interested in the project, but membership for communication purposes is really necessary for players in this part of the experiment.

If you are interested in signing on as a player for this experiment, drop me a line at: kutalik at gmail dot com.  


  1. I am in if you'll have me. Probably better as a bit player but if you nned a tertarch at a pinch I'm your man.

  2. Sure, drop me a line off-site and we'll talk details.