Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glorantha Coming to a Phone Near You

Smart phone-owning fans of Runequest (and successor's) home setting, Glorantha, are in for a treat. Programmers are busy putting the final touches on a Iphone and Ipod Touch compatible port of the classic 1999 roleplaying/strategy computer game, King of Dragon Pass

The app is slated to be released in “early 2011”. You can check on progress yourself at the project's blog here.

I will be sitting down and writing a longer post tomorrow about the game's rich, imaginative game play—and what we tabletop rpgers can learn from it when expanding our own domain-level play.  


  1. Cool! Despite being aware of Glorantha since first purchasing RQ2 almost three decades ago, I've never really been able to 'grasp' the setting. I've been told that 'King of Dragon Pass' is a good way to get into Glorantha. I look forward to trying this game on my iPhone.

  2. Wow - I dreamed about this just the other week, and then woke up thinking that I'd e-mail Greg Stafford to encourage him to make it happen. Then I remembered, 1) Greg Stafford wouldn't know me from Adam, and 2) if he liked the idea, his response - his standard response to suggestions for Pendragon expansions - would be 'Great. Code it up.'

    So I'm glad someone with real contact with Greg Stafford and the ability to write computer games is on the case.

  3. I have KoDP installed on my laptop for when I travel. Such a great game. Too bad I'm not an Iphone'er.

  4. That game did such a great job of explaining Orlanthi culture. I'm almost never a fan of computer games but this was an exception. Now someone needs to do it for Tekumel!

  5. Thanks for the kind words, though I wouldn’t say “final touches” quite yet.

  6. @David
    I suppose you would know better than anyone! My Iphone will patiently in the meantime.

    Many thanks yourself for helping bring this game into reality!