Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Voting Ended, The Finalists Take the Stage

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Domain Game naming contest. 

In many ways the entire project has felt like experimental cycles of community feedback followed by play followed by individual creation—and then back again--so it feels highly appropriate to have the name be determined this way.

With no further ado here is the top 10 finalist list in order of most votes received (though finalists 2-5 all tied for second place):
  1. Barons & Bugbears
  2. Strongholds & Stratagems
  3. By This Axe I Rule
  4. Hill Cantons
  5. Domains of Lordly Might
  6. Borderlands
  7. By Divine Right
  8. Power Play
  9. Serfs and Turf
  10. Playing for Keeps
I am a bit stunned by the appearance of B&B as the top vote-getter. There is a deep irony in that pick as it basically has been my Austin friend Jim's facetious, ball-busting term for the project since January. But one never gets to choose the nicknames one gets stuck with, right?

Now with the field narrowed and that head-scratching aside finished, I retire into the smoky backroom--d10 in hand--to make the final decision on which of the 10 this project will get saddled with.


  1. LOL. Screw you Kutalik. BARONS N BUGBEARS!

  2. Thanks for keeping it professional, Jim.

  3. Of those, Hill Cantons and Borderlands really stand out for me, and choosing between them is fairly easy: Hill Cantons could be just as well suited to future projects, but Borderlands has that sense of spaces being formed, edges and tension. If in that smoky backroom I could mess with the roll, I'd go Borderlands. Maybe Hill Cantons: Borderlands as the first in a series..?

  4. I made it into the top 10! :)