Monday, January 9, 2012

Absolutely Nothing About Fifth Edition

Zero interest in talking about it here, until we actually know something concrete about it. 

But in the meantime here's The Sword, our hometown power-chord heroes, to abide the time. Series on hexless wilderness crawling to begin tomorrow.  


  1. Awesome band. Can't wait to crawl some hexes.

  2. How can you not love a band that lists Robert E. Howard, Lovecraft, and GRRM as their influences (with song titles/lyrics to match)?

  3. I can't watch the video from here, but wanted to say howdy just the same.

  4. The Sword are fantastic! I'm still waiting to see them live, I wish they would play someplace near me in the near future.

  5. This needs to be the offiical music for By This Axe I Rule.

  6. Hmm, images of chainmail bikinis, mounds of gold and heroes with no interest in what anyone thinks dance through my head.

  7. I saw The Sword opening for Kyuss this past summer. Kick. Ass. Show. Indeed.

    Now, I have to see them on a double bill with Trail of Dead.

  8. The Sword is freaking awesome. As to 5e we have seen this horse beat to death before it even got out of the stable already.

  9. I've heard 5E will involve good-looking people dropping by your house/apartment and rubbing your feet.

  10. @Whisk
    Well howdy, hope all is well up in the frozen Northlands.

    @Desert Scribe
    Great minds and all that. I have two CDs, rest assured they will be deployed in our next play test session.

    Then it works.

    You lucky bastard.

    Yeah I took part in the beating on G+, this blog will be an oasis of calm--at least when it comes to 5e expect the other usual gnashing of teeth.

    On second thought, I'm sold. Playtest signed up.

  11. Things are well, thanks. But sadly, not nearly enough snow. At this rate, we're going to lose our snowbelt status. :-(

  12. @Desert Scribe - now that you mention it, didn't that first track used to be the opening theme for "I Hit It With My Axe"?

  13. @Mark
    Zak confirmed that it is so a few weeks back.