Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mandamus the Erudite Tells All

It's been amusing to watch the new FLAILSNAILS players react to the newly-constituted rumor mill in the HC campaign. Particularly funny, in an inside-baseball way, has been how they have picked up on the presumed undead rising of one of the deceased PCs from the home game.

Before we had an abrupt case of ludus interreptus last night, they were duly casing the supposed townhouse stomping grounds of the risen Kugel (formerly played by Brad of Crushing Skulls notoriety).

An interesting twist was them trying to track down and get information from the PCs of the home group. Their attempt to bribe the low-down from Mandamus (aka the Desert Scribe) produced this “too rich not to post” response:

Mandamus is not a common Adventurer interested in anything as crass as Filthy Lucre; instead, he is a scholar seeking Knowledge.  Therefore, after boring these out-of-town treasure-seekers with a 20-minute lecture on how trade imbalances caused by an excessive gold supply led to the collapse of the Fourth Dynasty, Mandamus agrees to share his knowledge of Kugel the Lucky in exchange for any scrolls or books they might find in the townhome of the Lady Szara:

“The Lady was very knowledgeable about History and Culture, subjects unappreciated by the common folk of Marlanhk.  We had long, enjoyable conversations regarding Philosophy and the proper place of the lower classes.  Her home was elegantly furnished, and she had a solemn old manservant who greeted us when we would enter.  Unfortunately, after she engaged my consulting services regarding recovery of a certain Antique, she failed to acknowledge the exclusivity of our contract and sent out various Rabble on similar missions.  We ultimately ended our relationship after my underlings and I had an unfortunate Incident with said Rabble.  Rumors abound that the Lady is what is known as a Stirgoi--a sort of living dead similar to a vampire--but learned folk such as myself have no truck with such superstition.

“Kugel was a lucky man, and Lady Tyche blessed him with her favor.  Kugel was a wonderful traveling companion who always seemed to obtain the best deals when it came to transportation or lodging.  Kugel was a quite snappy dresser, clad in the latest styles from the South.  Kugel was a trustworthy fellow, and other folk would often lend him horses and a wagon or a bag of gold as if he didn't even ask for it.  

The Dreaded Ghost Minotaur of the HC
Kugel was a nimble lad, evading ancient Mechanisms with ease in the various ruins we explored.  Kugel was a brave fellow, charging into battle and dispatching foes with alacrity.  Kugel was a lucky man--he spun the Black and Red Wheel in the Hall of the Mountain King without a second thought and lived.  Kugel was a deliberate man, who carefully considered all his choices before taking action.  Kugel was a learned man; we would often discuss Metaphysics and the Theology of the Sun God.

"All too soon, however, Lady Tyche has need of Kugel's luck herself.  One day as I directed our expedition beneath the Hall of the Mountain King, Kugel found a Magnificent Helm which he knew belonged on his head.  Kugel loved that helmet so much he would wear it all the time--he even slept in it.  This wonderful headgear enhanced Kugel's qualities even more, and he became my most trusted subordinate as we explored the ancient halls of the Hyperboreans.  On the day Lady Tyche called him to her side, we were far beneath the ruins of the Hall.  As we entered a room in search of artifacts to ship back to the University, an incredibly large specimen of Albus Tauri rared up and threatened the group.  

Heedless of the danger, Kugel lowered his helmet-clad head and charged the beast.  Milk-white blood sprayed everywhere as Kugel eviscerated the ghostly white man-bull, saving my underlings from harm and saving me from having to step in and save them.  Unfortunately, the albino minotaur was able to get in a killing blow of its own, and fair Kugel shuffled off this Mortal Coil.  Although he was lucky, Tyche herself had need of Kugel's good fortune, and she summoned him to her House.

"We brought back the body and paid for him to be buried according to the rites of the Sun Lord (reformed).  Since then, I've heard those in the streets of Marlanhk invoke Kugel's name--usually in somewhat disreputable situations such as games of Chance, when trying to evade Authorities, or regarding settlement of a Debt.  The cries of 'Kugel, you cheat!' or 'Come back here, Kugel!' or 'Kugel, you owe me!' never fail to bring a smile to my face."

Gotta love this game.  


  1. So any response yet from the Google+ crew?

  2. We are so Fortunate to be underlings below such a Learned man of letters. X0 - Babs

  3. I believe that they are balking a bit about tussling with a Strigoi, but we'll see what they decide before the next session.