Friday, January 27, 2012

Factoids of the Hill Cantons: Unique Gear

Continuing in my series of posts from the Rough Guide to the Hill Cantons, I present today a piece of the unusual items that a visitor might find in a remote stall in the more exotic markets and trade fairs of the Hill Cantons. 

Rare Weapons
Poignard of the Overworld
Cost: 100 suns
Damage: d4+1
A  long, lightweight thrusting knife with a tapering, acutely pointed blade and crossguard forged from a luminescent green ore from the “falling overworld”. Because of it's properties it can strike otherworldy beings. Usable by Magic Users.

Ostrovan Luft-Pike
Cost: 40 suns
Damage: d6+1
Weight: 15
A 24-foot hollow steel pike crafted by the weaponsmiths of Ostrovo and employed in the tight phalanxes of the HC townbands. The pike breaks down into four sections and carried in a leather tube on the march. Always strikes first in first round of melee. The weapon can be used from third rank, but only with sufficient head room (i.e. a terrible weapon in the dungeon). Double damage when receiving a charge.

Cost: 300 suns
Damage: 3d6*
Weight: 20
Small conical leather and chain bounded bomb filled with the “Seed of the Sun Lord” (an explosive material whose secrets are tightly controlled and regulated by the temple hierarchy). Typically employed to force a gate or breach a wall in a siege. The device uses a 1-minute fuse. There is a 1 in 6 chance of a dud fuse, necessitating a change out.

If an “18” is rolled, the damage dice explodes, roll another 3d6 and continue rolling if further 18s are scored.

Nettled Club
Damage: 2-5*
Cost: 60 suns
Weight: 5
This imported club is made from a woody cactus. Small thorns adorn the head of the club and can easily be broken off. A roll of a natural “20” with this weapon will inject a poison that paralyzes an opponent that fails to save vs. poison for 1-6 rounds.

Bone Dagger
Cost: 15 suns
Damage: 1-4
Weight: .5
A lightweight dagger made from a single bone claw of a great beast of the south. The hollow edge beneath the claw-point makes it an ideal poison delivery device and as such is a favorite weapon of the Hashasian societies of the Scarlet Sultanate.

Greek Fire
Cost: 5 suns/ceramic jug
Damage: 2d8
Made of naptha and other materials known only to the Society of the Sanguinolent Alchemists. Substitutes for the standard vegetable-based lamp oil of D&D.

Tears of the Atramentous Lady
Cost: 100 suns/drop
Small, rounded opaque white crystals said to be formed from the embittered tears of the Celestial Lady herself.

When consumed roll d10 (add WIS modifier):
1-3 Hoax. No effect.
4-6 Heal 3 hit points.
7-9 Heal 5 hp.
10 Heal 7 hp. +1 to AC for day.

Radegast's Dark
Cost: 20 suns/stein
The Dark is a special dark-as-night ale drawn only at select feastdays in honor of Radegast, the Old God of Hosts, Fermented Drinks, and Magister Ludis. Reportedly has supernatural powers, such as the ability to pass into the “spirit realm”, when enough is drunk to become inebriated.  

Cost: 140 suns
Weight: 27
AC: 5
Fluted breastplate, groin protection and upper arm guards. Because of advances in metal-working in the HC, cheaper and lighter than full chainmail. The gilded version costs 520 suns.

Cost: 10 suns
Weight: 3
The burgonet is a steel helmet characterized by a high combed skull, brow peak, hinged ear pieces and blackened sections.


  1. I am going to steal these. All of these.

  2. I like the weapons from Planescape: Torment making an appearance.

    Also, the petard. I like bombs in fantasy games for some reason.

    1. It was fun reskinning them and placing them into my home campaign.