Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Starting Equipment for Conan/ZeFRS

It's been a while since posting about Conan/ZeFRS. I'm still plugging away at the second leg of the one-shots. I ran the first one, Mogg's Mountain, four times, even squeezing in a face-to-face game and am still very much in like with the action-packed system.

And of course that like means that I continue to tinker away with variants. (For more discussion on this game boogie over to the ZeFRS discussion board.)

Building off my random character generation system for the game, I put together a random equipment generator to supplement the simple menu choice from the original game.

What do I Own?
All characters are assumed to start with 1d10 bronze coins, plain clothing, sandals, and a large sack. Players can opt to make three picks on any chart below they are eligible to.

Missile Weapon: Any ranged or throwable weapon of your choice.

Melee Weapon: Any melee weapon of your choice.

Wealth (Merchant or Noble only)
Roll d10
1-5 3 gold coins
6-7 Ornamental gem worth 5 gold coins
8 Ornamental Cloak
9 Silk Shirt
10 Fancy Robe

Roll d10
1-3 5 torches (flint/tinder box) and backpack
4-6 100' rope & grapple
7-10 Riding horse

Light Armor
Roll d10
1-7 Jack
8-10 Brigandine

Medium Armor (Warrior or Freebooter only)
Roll d10
1-5 Breastplate
6-7 Hauberk
8-10 Shirt, ring or scale

Roll d10
1-6 Barbutte
7-9 Basinet
10 Armet

Roll d10
1-4 Buckler
5 Spiked shield
6-9 Standard shield
10 Great shield

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  1. OT (Big Time) but thought you might find it useful it from the Jackson Gamers' their, Medieval Nicknames, kind of fun for a pre-battle set up


    To generate these Medieval Nicknames, roll a D20 for each player. Began the count where the first person’s nickname was. If that nickname already used, go down to next name.

    Examples: The first person rolls a 12 and his nickname is “the Plunderer”. The next person rolls a 10 and so starting from 12 and counting down, we get “The Baptiser”. The next person rolls a 12 again (wrap to beginning if you go off the bottom) and becomes “The Firm”.

    The Bold

    The Bloody

    The Strong

    The Firm

    The Weak

    The Idle

    The Flatulent

    The Greedy

    The Grasping

    The Valiant

    The Rapacious

    The Plunderer,P>
    The Little

    The Great



    The Evil


    The Pious

    The Drunkard

    The Bastard

    The Baptiser,P>
    The Wise

    The Inflexible


    The Handsome

    The Wicked

    The Red

    The Just

    The Magnificent