Saturday, January 21, 2012

Factoids of the Hill Cantons: Numismatics

Coins Common to the Hill Cantons:

Kolo (slang “Wheel”): large white gold piece stamped with the Sun Lord's Chariot (2-wheeled) equals 10 Suns.

Ur-Kolo: rare coin only circulated by ultra-orthodox sects, same as above but Chariot with 4 wheels, slightly larger worth 12 suns and a lady.

Apricity Crown (slang “Sun”): D&D gp but 1/10th weight, stamped one side with the Sun Lord dining with the Hyperboreans during his winter repose, the other with the most recent Overking.

Celestial Velkin (slang “Lady”): D&D sp but 1/10th weight, stamped one side with the Celestial Lady chained to a brick oven (goddess worshipers file the chains off), the other with both moons as crescents. 

Sanguinolent Orb (slang “Sag”): cp (made of a dark red bronze), blank except for a tiny symbolic drop of blood. 

1 wheel =10 suns
1 sun = 10 ladies
1 lady = 10 sags
2 ladies = a two-fer or frowned-upon fun  


  1. "2 ladies = a two-fer or frowned-upon fun"

    LOL You'll think that's called "two ladies kissing?" ;)

    1. You must have visited the northern town of Ostrovo where that is a common saying.

  2. What about those large gold coins we found with the weird writing that translates to "Tsolyani Empire" (whatever that is)?

  3. That would be the "kaitar", the coin of choice in Tsolyanu.