Monday, January 23, 2012

Factoids of the Hill Cantons: Fashion

Readers will note the recent appearance of my “Factoids” series. The posts are random bits taken from the upcoming Rough Guide to the Hill Cantons, an assortment of details various and sundry for players in the campaign—some of it even gameable.

Though a rough and tumble borderlands, the Hill Cantons doesn't lack for a love of haute fashion (albeit provincial and strange by the jaded standards of the Overkingdom core domains.)

Beyond the Weird, the clothes still make the man. Whilst in the HC, players will be awarded 1 exp for every 2 suns--that's gp to you otherworld barbarians--spent on his or her apparel. This bonus is above and beyond that of the exp value of that gold when acquired as treasure.


Jaunty Cap 3 suns
Foppish Hat, unbrimmed 5 suns
Foppish Hat, long-brimmed 6 suns
Foppish Hat, ostentatious 20 suns
Burgonet, gilded 50 suns


Boots, ghost minotaur 100 suns
Boots, frog-demon 200 suns
Sandals, penitent 2 sags
Sandals, hypocrite 2 suns
Shoes, pointy 1 sun


Cod piece, adequate 3 suns
Cod piece, pronounced 5 suns
Cod piece, ostentatious 10 suns
Bodice, bonelace 10 suns
Bodice, bejeweled 100 suns
Thong, chainmail 10 suns


Landsknecht get-up, serviceable 8 suns
Landsknecht get-up, elaborate 15 suns
Doublet, velvet 5 suns
Doublet, poncy 30 suns
Gown, ball 30 suns
Hairshirt 3 sags
Pantaloons 2 suns
Robe, deo-fox 150 suns
Robe, pelgrane 300 suns
Robe, giant sable 180 suns
Robe, sackcloth 5 sags
Skirt, hooped 5 suns
Chiton, Amazon 2 suns
Toga, black 5 suns


  1. Forgot a few items from the fashion list:
    Boyar robe 10 suns
    Hat, furry 6 suns

  2. I like the Lankhmar reference with the black toga.

  3. Would the "Black Russian" be pronounced, or ostentatious? ;-)

    1. As a principled co-creationist I leave that entirely for the gutter-minded player(s).

  4. May have to steal this when I rebuild my Parnurian Empire campaign world!

  5. I need, me thinks, a long brimmed hat of black velvet with red and ermine trim to offset the pallor of my complexion.

    1. Excellent choice, you always struck me as a winter color.

  6. I'm now imagining a whole range of Footwear With Attitude: sandals, dissembling. Boots, casuistical. Soft shoes of fickle leather. Lovely.

    Hat: mean and pedantic. Shawl: modest but envious.

  7. ...damn, can't stop thinking about this. How is Cugel's triple-topped hat described?

    1. Then my mission is complete.

      "How is Cugel's triple-topped hat described?"

      As “foppish bedazzlement”. Words to live by.