Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Humanspace Playtest Update

In the housekeeping department, we still have a seat or two open in the Humanspace Empires playtest Skype game slated for March 18. Who knows, perhaps the elusive and secretive creator of said game will be lurking inside your ranks...

For character generation this is what we are doing for the one-shot:
  1. Roll 4d6 in order for attributes, drop the lowest.
  2. Any class or race is acceptable (but pay attention to attribute minimums and maximums).
  3. Start at 2nd level, max. hit points on first level.
  4. Starting cash 1,000 credits.
  5. Be prepared to roll a second character--and maybe a third.
Il Male over at his somewhat unpronounceable (yet up and coming) blog has gone to the trouble of creating some great-looking character sheets for Humanspace. Download them here


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  2. Where are you guys finding such great looking artworks? I wish I have a stronger Google-fu...

  3. Yak-qoth-ull, is, I think, how to pronounce it.