Monday, March 7, 2011

Humanspace Empires Playtest

No doubt by now many of you have seen the draft space opera EPT rules released by the Drune (and if you haven't you should rocket yourself post-haste to his blog to pick up a free copy). Now here's a chance to help him test drive the sucker.

The scenario premise is fairly simple (and may seem vaguely familiar, ahem). Driven mad by an imperial cock-up that killed his special lady friend, Grand Admiral Ald'oh has been hatching various nefarious plans to exact his revenge.

Seizing control of an asteroid “generation ship”, the Admiral has set the star drives on a collision course with the small colony world of Marb IV. Only you and your band of space rowdies can penetrate the defenses of the asteroid ship's control complex and save Marb.

I will be running this one-shot Humanspaces Skype game Friday March 18 at 20:00 CST (or GMT -6). I am planning on a party of eight PCs supplemented by some NPC red-shirts. Since we have four seats on our wee rocketship reserved that leaves four more slots for eligible players. If you want to zip up your bubble suit, strap on your x-ray pistol and join us, drop me a line at kutalik at gmail dot com.


  1. Damn, dude, I am travelling that day. Maybe next time around!

  2. Very cool that you are doing this and very clever, somewhat ironic space dungeon. Count me in.

    Are you planning on using pregenerated characters? First level characters or more experienced? Let me know if there's anything I can do to assist.

  3. I was thinking that participants would roll up their own 2nd level characters with an X number of starting credits worth of equipment.

    I had written a draft of this scenario for a Traveller one shot based on the old GDW boardgame Asteroid. So it's been burning a hole in my pocket. Thanks for giving me the exuse to use it (and with some weirder twists).

  4. Of course I'd be thrilled to have you on board for this. If the game mechanics prove to be broken I will restrain the urge to vaporize your character. Promise.

  5. Scary. I may be running the risk of vaporization. I do worry about the survivability of low level PCs in Humanspace. I went out of my way to give them some extra hit points and access to decent armor.

  6. I would love to have a chance at this game! Still have room for 1? My email is mike.davison317 AT


  7. Aye, count me in...thanks