Saturday, March 5, 2011

Space Opera ala Tekumel Has Arrived

The Drune has (finally) released the playtest version of his Golden Age-flavored sci-fi mash-up of EPT and OD&D (with a sprinkling of Labyrinth Lord). As mentioned before the premise of the game is set in the space opera Humanspace “pre-history” of M.A.R Barker's Tekumel.

And best of all, the work is completely free. Boogie over to his blog over to download it

So who wants to oblige the man and playtest this sucker? 


  1. I am seriously considering it, but I'd have to find a group to do it.

    I'll read it at the least, thanks for posting it!

  2. Ah... to have enough spare gaming session capacity to be able to have a playtest rather than a read through... Was still toying around with arranging something similar for "Tekumel 1950" based on Phil's original works at that date rather than all those new layers since.
    The EPT prehistory concept's a winner, anyhow, if done sensitively. (Although I'd be half-tempted to add in some Jorune prehistory for flavor... *g* :)

    OT question/aside, since y'both were plugging this, yesterday: any idea what might've happened to "geordie racer" ( ,etc.). Not like we cannot afford to lose anyone actually playing in a Heroes campaign... :/

  3. Hey, thanks so much. Just did the image the way you said and it work. Thanks bunches.