Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Call for Humanspace Empires Playtest

Readers will recall that I am running a playtest Skype game of The Drune's far future RPG Humanspace Empires this Friday at 20:00 Central U.S. time. 

Players seem to be having some fun creating characters (the game's designer himself, has a fine write-up here of his own redshirt here on blog.) 

 I am getting genuinely excited about the possibilities of slaying...err...fairly adjudicating the antics of players in this brand spanking new addition to our gaming world.

Due to a couple drop-outs we now have two seats open again in our eight-player game. If you are interested in joining in drop me at kutalik at gmail dot com. See here for chargen guidelines. 

Post about “Pendragon D&D” coming up next.  


  1. 8 people in a Skype game (9 w/ DM)? Wow, I'd really like to hear how that goes from a logistical perspective, beyond the coolness of the Drune's new setting. My largest participant count for online play currently stands at four and I have hard time imagining going higher.

    Anyway, I'd love to sit-in but I'm on the hook for childcare that night.

  2. Tim and his gaming buddies also use Skype. They play every Monday and it's great since two of the four live far away.

    Happy Gaming :-)

  3. I'm in a Skype group myself DMed by Scalydemon. Lot's of fun when the technology likes you that evening.

    Something I have learned from the past is that you always, always have attrition when game time comes around. I basically try and have 2-3 more slots reserved than I normally would to make sure we have a minyan.

  4. I would have play, but unfortunately you're going to do that at 3 a.m. italian time (GMT+1).


  5. I'll email you my PC by game time, if not tomorrow. The last couple days have been crappy as Hell and I want to rest tonight.

  6. Almost finished with my PC, should have it mailed to you sometime today.