Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kezmarok: Factions, Personages, and Local Religions

Being deprived of my weekly game by the craptastic internet connection here at the beach house on the lovely Redneck Riveria (oh first world problems). I have nothing to do but write and design more for the campaign. Here is part three of our Great Tour of Kezmarok. See parts one and two here and here.

Political jockeying and philosophizing (abstract theory always trumping praxis in the city) is a full-time spectator sport for the shabby gentility.

The Great Path of Restoration. This league seeks to restore the absolute power of the city’s traditional ruler, The Golden Evexrator. Wracked with internal disagreements over length of the ruler’s term and method of ritual disfigurement for the deposed. Popular with the shabbiest of the impoverished aristocracy.

Illuminated League of the Refoundation. Local citizens who recognize the deep decline of the city and seek to formally divest the city-state of its (long lost) maritime empire. Shockingly the most radical elements in the league seek a settlement with the Turko-Fey sitting outside the gates.  A small minority if well-organized faction.

Wellsprings of the Crowd. An “astroturf” organization funded and maintained by the Council of Autarchs to bolster their political clout.

Banners of the Five. A small militaristic party popular with native junior officers. This dangerous and crazed radical party seeks to break the five-century military deadlock and defeat the besieging host. The name is a reference to five semi-mythical Kezmaroki hero-generals.

Local Religions
Ultra Orthodox Synod of the Sun Lord. Despite its name and hidebound observation of the oldest, strictest and most absurd ritual practices of the Sun Lord’s supernal temple, a reasonably tolerant sect. Shockingly other faiths are allowed to openly practice their religion in non-hidden places of worship. Apostates are however heavily taxed and required to wear indigo wheel badges.

The Minyaan of the Silent God. Not much is known about the tight-lipped, low-key local practioners of this faith. Their prominent hexagonal fane has no windows and only a single, low sunken door as an entrance.

The Grand Church of Latter-Day Hyperborea. Small, mystical order practicing “neo-Hyperborean” religion. Known to annoy locals with their drum circles, toad and elk-head costumes, and dervish-dancing.

Temple of Svatek the Crocodile Godling. This tiny, somewhat sleepy sectlet worships a local demi-god of vigilance. A number of local worshippers were arrested en masse recently after leading an inexplicable riot in which they rushed around beating outlanders from the Hill Cantons with sticks.

Notable Personages of Kezmarok
The Ur-Patriarch, Ummas the Unctuous. Jaded, bored head of the Ultra Orthodox Synod of the Sun Lord.

The Golden Evexrator, Decade-King of all Lands Kezmaroki on the Rock and Beyond. The head of state--at least nominally. Serves for 10 years before being deposed, blinded (humanely as possible) and boxed on the ears.

Vorish Kohniun, Captain-General of the Great Rock. The functional ruler of Kezmarok. Heads the Council of Autarchs, a beancounting and officious ruling council.

Gabrous Swelter, Chief Gaoler, and Torture-Aesthete, of the Pits Below.

Galldred the Scabrous, Merchant Prince of the Trader’s Ward.

(Colorful characters of Kezmarok and Sites of Interest coming next.)

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