Friday, July 13, 2012

South Texas Minicon Update

A few updates on what happening with the South Texas Minicon we are organizing August 18.

Getting Registered. First of all, registration is still the “right price” free, but if you are coming please boogie over to our special new minicon website to register and get oriented (updates will be posted there over the next few weeks). (Big thanks to Brad for getting this up and running.)

You can find registration here and information on logistics and the game schedule (full schedule TBA shortly) here. Forums are active here and we will start using that as the clearinghouse for discussion of games and other chit chat.

Supporting the Minicon and Win Judges Guild Swag. Infamous NTRPG Con Bad Mike (who will be attending and selling/giving away goodies from his giant roleplaying stash) is generously running a fundraising auction to support the convention expenses. Please go here and help us keep the minicon free as a liberated avian.

Game Schedule. Three slots of three game for each (possibly up to six for each slot if we reserve another room) from 10 am-10 pm.

The games to-date:
Jeff Dee, Bethorm, a Tekumel adventure supplement
Talzheimer Mrr, Cavemaster RPG
Norm Harman, Mutant Future
Ed Teixeira , 5150 Star Army
Mack, old school starship mini battles
Brad Ncube, DCC RPG (tentatively)
Yours Truly, By This Axe fantasy mini battles and (possibly) old school D&D

Drop me a line at kutalik at gmail dot com for more information.

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