Monday, July 9, 2012

Space Mountebanks and Blasters

Of course as noted many times on this blog, I just can't simply play a game as written without unwisely messing under the hood. Bah orthodox RAWers be damned, this is the first post of likely a series of variant whoha for Classic Traveller for my Cantonment campaign.

With the mounting decadance of the Cantonment, Mountebanks (also known as “Grifters”) are a shockingly common career choice for the quick tongued and amoral. 

Though some enjoy only moderately-shady employment by the various factions, circles, cults, and collectives as “fixers” and spies, most Mountebanks ply their hustles as a life on the make throughout the confederation.

Mountebanks have no ranks and receive two skills per term.

Enlistment 7+
DM+1 if Dex 7+
DM+2 if Intel 8+

Survival 6+
DM+2 if Intel 7+

Reenlist 4+

Aquired Skills Table

Personal Development
1 +1 Endur
2 +1 Dex
3 +1 Intel
4 Gambling
5 Blade Cbt.
6 Bribery

Service Skills
1 Forgery
2 Leader
3 Streetwise
4 Gun Cbt.
5 Bribery
6 Jack-o-T

Advanced Education
1 Streetwise
2 Leader
3 Electronic
4 Admin
5 Computer
6 Forgery

Advanced Education (Educ 8+)
1 Medical
2 Computer
3 Electronic
4 Admin
5 Pilot
6 Jack-o-T

Mustering Out

Material Benefits
1 Low Psg
2 +1 Intel
3 +1 Educ
4 Gun
5 Blade
6 High Psg

Cash Allowances
1 2000
2 5000
3 10000
4 20000
5 20000
6 50000
7 100000

Blaster Pistol (TL: 11)
Base Weight: 1000
Length 350
Ammo 20
Ammo Cost 200
Base Price 6000
Damage 4D
Same modifiers and Dex requirements as Laser Carbine


  1. Why didn't Trav include blasters and light sabres? (yeah I know why, but these seemed like appalling deficiencies to my 11 year old self). I had to get them, and powered armour, from Simbalist, Ratner & MacGregor, and they came packaged with a ton of other stuff that wound up destroying my little sf game altogether.

    It's a good job I'm on a nonsensical Bollysciencefantasy kick right now or I'd have to start writing my own hardish-sf Chris Foss ruleset.

    1. Every relevant passage about design choices on personal weapons has this somewhat defensive, somewhat DIY embracing waffling answer that seems a lot like the tone of AD&D. Sure you can and should add in any old weapon you want, but you are likely ruining the game if it's "unscientific".

      In Book 0 (which incidentally has to be my all-time favorite RPG introduction) there's a bunch of snark about anti-matter weapons going on and on about how much energy it would take to contain them. This in a game where a starship can bend the whole fabric of time and space and "jump" parsecs in a week. How much energy would that take?

  2. CT was written before Star Wars. We added Blasters, they were just like Lasers but Reflec had no effect (or 1/2 effect depending on the campaign). Reflective armor (and ablative to some extent) made Lasers a horrible weapon.

    1. Agree, you definitely get the feel that the laser carbine and rifle were only included very grudgingly.

      One reason I liked Book 4: Mercenary so much was that you (finally)got a range of future tech weapons and armor. Electromagnetic gauss gun? Fusion rifle? Yes please.