Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reminder: South Texas Mini-Con August 18

GuadaComaCon (formerly the South Texas Mini-Con) will take place Saturday, August 18 in New Braunfels.  Some of the featured games include:
  • 5150: Star Navy (sci-fi space combat minis) run by Desert Scribe
  • By This Axe I Rule (homebrew fantasy minis) by me. (Possibly also some old school D&D)
  • Paranoia (humorous dystopian sci-fi role-playing) run by Brad Ncube of Skull Crushing for Great Justice
  • Clay-O-Rama (what it sounds like) run by artist-in-residence Jason Braun
  • 5150: Star Army (sci-fi ground combat minis) run by Ed the THW Guy
  • Cavemaster RPG by Talzheimer
  • Tekumel Bethorm by Jeff Dee
Admission is still free (donations accepted).  Drop me a line at kutalik at gmail dot com for more information.

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